Hello, and welcome! Whether you are looking for a custom remodel, design services, general contractor, or just to browse a few pretty pictures, you stopped at the right place.

RPCD is a family owned and operated company. Cathy Koonsman has been in the design industry for over 15 years. She is the heart and soul of RPCD with her depth of knowledge in the building industry, unparalleled design experience, and warm and passionate personality. Cathy, with her team of expert project managers, walks each client through the construction process. RPCD and Cathy Koonsman have won a myriad of awards including; Best Designer in Dallas 2015, Best Period Restoration, and Best Kitchen Remodel. 

RPCD specializes in high end custom home remodeling. Cathy’s portfolio includes new builds, period restoration, and high rise design. RPCD's wide breadth of work paints a picture of creativity and industry know-how unparalleled. Unlike others, RPCD allows clients to have all of their home needs met in one place. By fostering personal relationships with every client, Cathy takes vision and builds a reality. Through understanding construction, space planning, and design, RPCD delivers a well-rounded experience for each individual client.

Inspired by her Italian heritage, Cathy believes homes and life are meant to be shared. The mission is to construct beautifully functional spaces that are unique and innovative; to encourage late night dinners, wine nights, family game nights, and community.


Master Builder